ERP Related Services

ERP implementation often involves a huge investment of time, effort and money. Naturally, expectation is of very high ROI. While carrying out such an exercise, engaging the right people is a must. Clear, non-ambiguous communication between the company’s executives and the implementing agency is essential for conveying and understanding the company requirements, and ensuring that sufficient, quality time is spent between with each other is integral to making the implementation a success.

However, in many cases, several issues crop up, such as the inability to allocate adequate resources or time (given the downside of compromising on core business activities), lack of proper communication on part of the assigned cross-functional, and a rushed approach due to the urge to get the new system up and running at the earliest.

This is exactly Pro~Active Solutech can help. Our model helps to overcome these issues in fresh ERP implementations as well as revamp of previous unsuccessful implementations – and thereby help achieve the expected results.

Fresh Implementation

We act as an extended team to your internal functional and IT departments. We take on the essential activities so that your internal resources can focus on core business activities without being distracted by implementation. We undertake the following:

  • Perform a detailed study of existing processes and clearly establish expectations from the ERP roll-out
  • Communicate expectations clearly to the implementation agency
  • Review the implementation at every stage and extensively validate the outputs generated by the system
  • Periodically update the client on progress achieved
  • Conduct a final evaluation and get a sign-off


When an ERP project does not succeed in satisfying the organization in delivering the desired results, the project is either aborted mid-way or the system usage is left to a sub-optimum usage level due to lack of acceptance.

We can help you by making sure that your investment in ERP is not wasted.

We have successfully assisted several client by ensuring that their investments in the ERP system provide the desired results – and make the ERP implementation is a success. We follow a simple and yet proven approach in our ERP re-implementation projects:

Analyse: Identify what went wrong in the ERP project and during which phase/milestone (such as process study, documentation, blueprint, realization, training, testing)

Accept: Present the analysis to the management to ensure acceptance from all stakeholders about what went wrong, and the corrective steps that need to be taken

Optimise: Take steps to optimise / correct the mistakes. This includes a series of steps, including reconfiguration, optimisation, error corrections, fine-tuning and so on.

Communicate: Ensure that all stakeholders, key users and end users are all properly informed and trained about the optimised functionalities, so as to improve system acceptance.

Succeed: Deploy the functionalities in collaboration with the customer team to ensure successful ERP project completion

Integration With Other Systems

Many organisations are burdened by a complex network of legacy systems and processes, and they find it difficult to integrate them with new applications necessary to support evolving business needs. The issue becomes more complicated because the legacy systems and business processes would have evolved over the years and become tightly integrated with day-to-day operations. Therefore, cutting them out completely to start on a clean slate is not cost- or effort-effective. It may bring on added, critical risks.

Pro~Active Solutech offers a full ERP consultancy and integration service that can help you gain the full value of your IT investment. By seamlessly linking and integrating your existing and new processes using ERP-based solutions, we can quickly create a highly integrated operational environment that will deliver significant benefits in terms of efficiency and productivity by providing one common data and reporting source across the entire enterprise.