ABIS~Pro is a path-breaking product in the field of cost management solutions, unearthing useful insights into issues that have been plaguing the bottom-line, including determination of cost per unit and net margin, cost reduction, cost control, pricing decision, make-or-buy decisions, variance analysis, budgeting, simulation, and product and customer profitability.

Developed by Pro~Active Solutech, ABIS~Pro offers solutions for three top areas where companies need assistance:

  • Strategic decision making with informed cost management
  • Optimising and improving operations
  • Maximising product and customer profitability

ABIS~Pro is a web-based product that can be integrated with different ERPs.

Key Benefit Areas

ABIS~Pro addresses some of the most intricate business challenges faced by businesses, which are not answered by currently available existing ERP/MIS systems.

  • Why is the profit stagnant when revenue is increasing?
  • Which product / customer is more profitable to the firm?
  • Should I produce a product in-house or procure it?
  • Should I undertake a process in-house or outsource it?
  • At what price should I agree to supply to a particular customer?
  • What is the best price I can offer to my vendor?
  • What is the impact of improvement initiatives / design changes on product cost?
  • What is the impact of changes in BOM and currency fluctuations on input costs and final product costs?
  • What is the optimum batch size?
  • Which processes / activities are driving a product’s cost and how it can be optimised?
  • How much am I spending on non-value added activities?
  • What is the impact of underutilization of capacity on product costs?

To date, we have implemented ABIS~Pro across 70 global locations, for companies in varied industries.

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