PRICING~Pro is the answer to challenges centred around pricing – especially when it comes to quoting for new product development (NPD) or preparation or submissions of RFQs and benchmarking.

From reading the pulse of the market to gauging the customer’s reaction to the pricing point, a company’s management needs to get the pricing right. For this, information from multiple internal departments and the external business environment has to be analysed as well.

PRICING~Pro is a tool designed to simplify the entire process of quoting for NPDs / variants.

Key Benefit Areas

  • Seamless management of the entire process of quoting and numerous iterations of price revisions that follow
  • Bases price negotiation on the right data gives an edge in negotiations
  • Enhances credibility through institution of a quoting process that is transparent and reliable
  • Improves profitability by gleaning information of the prices at which orders are profitable
  • Keeps track of price history to analyse price changes
  • Reduces TAT for RFQ processes significantly

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