Balanced Scorecard

Annual reviews often tend to measure individual growth and progress, but may not provide a holistic image of the company’s success in terms of achieving its business goals.

To address this gap, we have created the Balanced Scorecard, a tool that identifies deviations from expectations, and provides early alerts to help address and bridge the distance. This way, managers can work on achieving their business goals in a timely manner. Pro~Active Solutech helps you implement and sustain the Balanced Scorecard initiatives in a manner that is optimum for your business and processes.

Our expertise is built on years of consulting and practitioner experience along with in-depth Balanced Scorecard knowledge. Our team will support you with a performance management system to execute your strategy effectively and with best results. More than just that, we bring in an edge in terms of the ‘intangibles’, wherein we work comfortably with people at all levels in your organisation, with a commitment to transferring knowledge and skills for long-term success.

Our Balanced Scorecard Consulting / Coaching services include:

  • Integration of Scorecard and goal-setting with your strategy
  • Developing an implementation plan (including identifying the corporations or divisions to implement)
  • Helping determine targets down to the lowest level in the organization
  • Changing compensation plans
  • Monitoring initial results
  • Helping determine targets down to the lowest level in the organization