Our Products



ABIS~Pro, developed by Pro~Active Solutech, is a software package that helps to unearth useful insights into issues that have been plaguing the bottom-line.

ABIS~Pro offers solutions for three top areas where companies need assistance:

  • Strategic decision making with informed cost management
  • Optimising costs and improving efficiency of operations
  • Maximising product and customer profitability

ABIS~Pro can be integrated with ERPs to enable seamless capturing of input data. Intelligence to identify, apportion and allocate costs if provided in the software to deliver actionable output.

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PRICING~Pro is the answer to issues faced centred around pricing – especially when it comes to quoting for new product development (NPD) or preparation and submission of RFQs involving Cross functional teams.

Main Features include:

  • Easy to use web-based solution with system-controlled dynamic business process flow
  • Enables multiple-levels of access for different users with sequential or parallel process
  • Simulation / sensitivity analysis – provides a glimpse of the potential impact of change in process parameters, material prices, and exchange rate fluctuation
  • Dashboards to track status and view complete history of enquiries
    Provision Provision for calculation of interest on working capital and customer-specific costs
    Provision Provides multi-currency option

To know more, click here, visit our website or contact us for more details.

What We Do

  • Identifying the products, service-lines, channels, and initiatives that are not yielding the results the company set out to achieve. In doing so, figuring out where and how much time and effort should be invested so as to create an optimal strategy for growth.
  • Analysing and pinpointing the products, service lines and initiatives that should be given priority in terms of efforts to retain and grow. On the same lines, identifying the customers whom the company should sustain, engage or re-acquire.
  • Going beyond statutory compliances in the area of accounting to drive transparency and visibility in reporting of costs – so as to derive data and trends that are holistic and fully indicative of the ground-level reality.
  • Taking account of volatility and uncertainty (yes, VUCA is the norm) and addressing it by moving to capacity-sensitive, driver-based, rolling financial forecasts.
  • Enabling data-centric decision-making, which is logical, rational and predictive.
  • Identifying a balanced set of KPI that are optimal in number, aligned with strategy and seamlessly linked to operational measures, so as to help employees gain an understanding of their contributions.

Our EPM Toolkit

  • Complete review of existing data capturing mechanisms at the client’s end – including the existing ERP system.
  • Identifying ways and means to optimise ERP system utilization from a performance management perspective.
  • Progressive managerial accounting practices, including activity-based costing (ABC).
  • Reliable forecasting with calibrated, driver-based cost consumption rates (Activity Based Budgeting) to make the shift from annual budget to continuous capacity-sensitive rolling financial forecasts.
  • Integration of analytics to enable investigation and testing, to move from possibilities to probabilities.
  • Modelling with software – a necessary foundation in EPM methods to reflect the reality of cause-and-effect relationships.
  • Developing strategy maps along with a balanced scorecard.
  • Providing solutions that will significantly impact the bottom-line, year on year.

Our Work Process

  • We begin with a detailed study of our client’s system and facilities, and hold discussions with various functional heads to discover potential areas / processes as targets for cost optimisation / performance optimisation.
  • We communicate to the management, our understanding of the issues, recommendations, and approach to implementing the recommended solutions.
  • Upon receiving the management’s approval of the recommendations and approach, we carry out the implementation.
  • We evaluate the impact of our implementation and present the results to the management.